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Small Improvements To Make Big Changes

The fasting wave has been influenced by the amazing book of “Atomic Habits” by James Clear please support James by buying a copy of his book and visit his website.

If you’ve ever tried to make a big change in your life to achieve something then you’re not alone. But by making a big change you move aside a few existing habits and hobbies. You set a goal and work to achieve a target usually in some imaginary time frame. Like “I will study Spanish for 2 hours per day and in six months I will be able to converse in a particular social situation.

If the habits and hobbies you pushed out the way to get a large chunk of time free to study push their way back into your life. You will miss a study session here and there. A few sessions lost and you might pack it all in. Feel like you failed, feel down about yourself and fall back on habits that comfort you in these times down like eating or drinking.

The fasting wave approach

Think about standing in the gentle tiny waves that glide up the beach. The water pushes around your bare feet as you sink a little in the sand. This little wave represents a 5-10 minute segment of your day. You probably have lots of 10 minute waves that could be noticed and changed to one day make a big difference in your life.

Start by listing everything you do each day and putting a tick, dash or a cross next to each item. A tick if you feel it’s a positive thing you are doing, a cross if it’s negative and a dash for things you are not sure about. Most adults tell kids that life moves faster when you are older. It doesn’t of course it’s just that when your a kid you think more about what your going to do in the next 10 minutes, and your life is usually so structured that boredom can easily set in when your not in control of your daily activities.

Boredom with most adults leads directly to bad habits. By making a list of your habits you can see where you get bored and divert into bad habits. This diversion point is where you can insert new habits focused on your identity changes leading to living a better lifestyle.